Liebe Kunden, bedingt durch die Unterbrechung von Lieferketten kann es zu Lieferzeiten von 6-8 Wochen kommen. Wir bitten um euer Verständnis.
Jeder LFS ist eine Einzelanfertigung und ein Unikat, Made in Germany.


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Guarantee Clauses

These guarantee clauses for part of our General rules and regulations.  

Seller Guarantee – Terms of Guarantee

Dear Client,

Our products are subjected to a rigid quality control.  

Should a LFS or LFS-REPOSE or Cuddly Sound Exciter bought from us still not function properly, we regret this and ask you to contact the after-sale service under +49-6063-9517522.

In addition to the legally required guarantee we offer you a guarantee auf all devices mentioned above bought from us according to the regulations given below.

Your legal rights are not constrained by this.  

1) The guarantee period is two years starting with the date of purchase. The guarantee is valid in the European Union and in Switzerland.

2) During the guarantee period we decide whether devices showing defects due to material or manufacturing faults will be either repaired or replaced. Replaced devices or parts of devices will become our property. The guaranteeing does not contain an extension of the guarantee period nor does is start a new guarantee period.

3) Guarantee claims must be made immediately the defect is known within the guarantee period.

4) To claim the guarantee the following steps are required:

Please send the damaged device including the guarantee card below (that was also added to the original shipment to you) plus the original sales receipt to the service address given below. If the damage is covered by our guarantee you will receive a repaired or a new device.

The return postage is borne by us.

5) Guarantee claims are excluded for damages due to:

  • improper or incorrect handling – environmental impact (damp, heat, electrical surge, dust etc.)
  • non-observance of the security measures applicable for the device
  • non-observance of the instruction manual – force (e.g. blows, knocks, drop)
  • interventions not made by our authorised service address
  • unauthorised repair attempts
  • shipment in packaging not suitable for transport

6) Defects or damages to the device outside what is covered by the guarantee we will repair against reimbursement. For an individual offer please contact our customer service.

In this case shipping costs will be borne by you.

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